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Glass/Bronze/Polyimide filled ptfe products

Glass/Bronze/Polyimide filled ptfe products

Brief description

Glass / Bronze /Polyimide filled PTFE products

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Filled PTFE product is manufactured by moulding method with filled PTFE resin. Filled PTFE resin is manufactured by compounding PTFE granular resin with different kinds of fillers, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, bronze and also lubricating materials like graphite, molybdenum disulfide. Those PTFE compounds have the following advantages over unfilled.

Improved compression strength;

Improved heat conduction;

Decreased thermal expansion;

Improved abrasion resistance

Main properties


A. electrical insulation parts

B. sealing parts

C. automobile parts

D. corrosive fluid conduit 

E. connector accessories

2.Best precision:



A. flat and tidy

B. no defects of crevices layers and separation

4.Temperature range:

-196°C to +260°C

5.Chemical property:

A. aging resistance

B. radiation resistance

C. low permeability

D. high pressure resistance

E. oil resistance

F. anti-corrosion

PTFE (also called Teflon)  have excellent resistance for all chemical corrosion. Its friction coefficient is the lowest in plastics. Temperature change does not affect its electrical insulation property. So PTFE often be called "plastic king". PTFE is suitable for making corrosion resistant parts, wear parts, seal, insulation parts and medical equipment parts.

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