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PTFE (Teflon) is an engineering plastics with high performance properties, other plastic can’t be compared, the advantages are following:

1. Can be long-term use under the temperature  : -180 ~ + 260

2. Excellent chemical stability. Don’t act to Acid, alkali, strong oxidant and other corrosive transmitter.

3. PTFE is grade C insulation material, good electric insulation at any place and frequency

4. Has good lubricity, PTFE enhanced hardness and wear resistance after adding different filling materials.PTFE is a good oil free lubrication

5. Good resistance to weathering, long exposure in the air, surface and the performance unchanged.

PTFE products can be widely applied to the following aspects

1. Use as seals parts, pipes, fittings high pure reagents in chemical industry

2. Use as piston rings, guide ring, Machine lead rail machinery industry

3. Use as wires, cables, capacitors film, insulating plates in electronic&electric industry

4.Use as bearing slider of bridges, channels, large-scale chemical pipelines, storage tanks,engineering stair board and other support slider in building industry

5. Used as a corrosion resistant insulating pipe clamp for various pipelines in the shipbuilding industry,

6.Because of non-viscous property, PTFE is use as anti-sticking stripping in the textile, paper-marking, food, rubber, ceramics and other industry


PTFE products can not be put on fire, especially  fired,  if the temperature exceeds 415 which will be in heat deterioration,decomposition of toxic gases. So in order to avoid poison accident,please note the limitation of use of fire.

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