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hou NingXin New Material Technology CO;LTD is a company with 15year PTFE manufacture experience,specialized in design&product PTFE products.

Main products include:PTFE sheet ,rod ,tube ,gasket ,film,tape,filled PTFE products ,custom made parts, bearing slider of bridge etc.

Our company have a professional team with good experience on the PTFE products .The company applies strict quality control system and service system.

Contribute to those customers and market where need high performance PTFE products which use in Petroleum, Chemical, Medical, Electric&Electronic, Machinery, Automobile, Mining, Metallurgy and Shipbuilding industry etc.

The company’s products has covered all over the China and sold to many foreign countries with good reputation

We offer:  ptfe sheet ,rod ,tube ,gasket ,film ,tape ,compound ptfe ,custom made ptfe parts, sodium etched ptfe products,expanded ptfe sheet ,expanded joint sealant tape,ptfe thread seal tape etc.

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