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What Factors Should Be Considered When Using Rubber Seals?
2020-03-21 11:28:21

The reinforcing agent (such as graphite, calcium carbonate powder, etc.), filling agent (including silica gel, etc.), vulcanizing agent, vulcanizing accelerator and protective agent are added to the rubber raw materials suitable for working conditions. It is then placed in a rubber kneader, mixed, placed in a mold of the desired shape, heated, pressurized and vulcanized. Due to different types of main materials (rubber materials) and auxiliary materials, different mixing methods and curing conditions, the oil resistance and aging resistance of products are also different. Therefore, after vulcanization, O-rings with the same appearance / size and shape can be obtained. However, if you do not pay attention to the selection and proportion of raw materials and processing methods, you will not get the expected performance (such as hardness, elasticity and strength).

Generally speaking, the physical properties and related test values of rubber material can not only indicate the strength and elasticity of this material, but also an important indicator of manufacturing quality. Hardness and fracture strength are important data indicating the resistance to applied pressure, but the greater the fracture strength, the greater the resistance to applied pressure. Deformation refers to the amount of deformation produced when the O-ring is used and a certain degree of compression force is applied. The larger the value, the more likely the average is to cause leakage. Especially as a fixed sealing stage, it is more desirable for compressed water to have small deformation for a long time. However, if the deformation of compressed water is too long, it will reduce the hardness and strength, which is not ideal. Therefore, the physical properties of O-ring materials must be fully considered, and they must be correctly matched with each other.

Rubber Seals

When using Rubber Seals, you need to consider the pressure of the working environment. This will be very helpful to grasp the service life of the sealing ring. So what are the characteristics of the product in terms of working environment pressure?

1. Working pressure range of rubber sealing ring, i.e. compression ratio of rubber ring under pressure.

2. Objects in contact with the work, including liquid, gas, solid and chemical substances.

3. The function of rubber ring assembly is static seal (end face or radial), or dynamic seal (radial or axial).

4. Working temperature range, low and high temperature of rubber ring and long time and instantaneous time during working.

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