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    Wear Resistance Sealing PTFE Gasket

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PTFE Gasket:

Polytetrafluoroethylene is a kind of high molecular compound which is polymerized from Polytetrafluoroethylene . It has excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance (it is one of the materials with good corrosion resistance in the world today. Besides molten metal sodium and liquid fluorine, it can resist all other chemicals and boil in aqua regia without any change. It is widely used in all kinds of working conditions that need to resist acid, alkali and organic solvents), sealing High lubrication, no sticky, electrical insulation and good aging resistance, high temperature resistance span. Polytetrafluoroethylene itself is not toxic to human beings, but PFOA, one of the raw materials used in the production process, is considered to have carcinogenic effect. Its birth has solved many problems in the world's chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other fields. It has been widely used as sealing material and filling material. It is durable and reliable in sealing performance; polytetrafluoroethylene itself has good corrosion resistance and non-aging property, and has good creep resistance and cold flow resistance after special processing; it can be used safely in a wide temperature range for a long time; it is soft and easy to cut, and can be cut mechanically or manually for installation.

Teflon gasket

Company profile:

Huzhou Ningxin new material science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Deqing County, Zhejiang Province. It is a member of the fluorine plastics processing professional committee of China Plastics Association. It has been engaged in the development, production and sales of fluorine plastics products for nearly 20 years. Its main products are: polytetrafluoroethylene plate, rod, tube, film, various sealing gasket, washer, plastic special-shaped parts, fluorine plastics special mechanical products, etc. The company has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, and is rated as a provincial high-tech enterprise in 2019. In recent years, our company has a high reputation in marine engineering, ship industry, chemical anti-corrosion industry and mechanical parts. The product has obtained SGS test certificate, UL94 flame retardant certificate and FDA food level test certificate.

Over the years, the company's products are not only used in domestic petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, electronics, machinery, automobile, smelting, shipbuilding, transportation and other fields, but also exported to many countries and regions, favored by the majority of users. Recently, the company has increased investment to develop new fluoroplastic materials and products, and launched more new products to meet the needs of more users at home and abroad.

Qualification certificate

Qualification certificate

Qualification certificate

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