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PTFE scraper is a scraper made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material. PTFE is a kind of polymer material with excellent chemical stability, high lubricity, non-adhesion and high and low temperature resistance.

The main features of the PTFE scraper include:

1. Excellent corrosion resistance ** : PTFE scraper has good resistance to corrosive media such as strong acid and alkali, and can work stably in harsh environments for a long time.

2. ** High lubricity and non-adhesion ** : PTFE material has low friction coefficient and good self-lubricity, so that the PTFE scraper can reduce resistance and improve work efficiency when scraping the material. At the same time, its non-adhesion also makes the material not easy to remain on the scraper, reducing the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance.

3. ** High and low temperature resistance ** : The PTFE scraper can work normally in an extremely wide temperature range, whether it is high temperature or low temperature environment, it can maintain its stable performance.

Ptfe scraper has important applications in many fields, such as:

** * Food industry ** : Used in food machinery scraper, scraper and other parts, because they meet food grade environmental standards, will not cause pollution to food.

** * Machinery industry ** : Can be used as bearings, bushings, seals and other mechanical parts, with excellent wear and corrosion resistance.

** * Electronic industry ** : Used to manufacture insulation board, gasket, wire harness protective cover and other electronic products parts.


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