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Main Specifications of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMW-PE)


With its ultra high molecular weight, UHMW-PE has integrates all advantages of plastics such as :

Wearing resistance,impact resistance ,self-lubrication,anti-corrosion ,striking energy absorption,low temperature resistance, sanitary& in-noxious,low adhesiveness, low water absorption,small density and so on


1. Abrasion resistance

UHMW-PE has the highest abrasion resistance


2. Impact resistance

UHMW-PE has high impact strength, especially impact strength under low-temperature , even lower than 269below zero


3. Self-lubricating

It has a very low friction factor (0.07-0.15), Viscidity or adhesiveness would not occur when the UHMW-PE material slides on the surface of materials made of steel or cuppor without any lubricant


4. Chemical resistance

Can resist any corrosion from different corrosive mediums,such as acid, alkali, salt and organic medium (except naphthalin solvent) under  the range of certain temperature and humidity the acid liquid with strong oxidbillity .There would be no any anomalism when the UHMW-PE is put into more than 80 kinds of organic solvents at 20and 80for 30 days, Also there is no change in its physical features


5. Impact performance absorption

UHMW-PE  can absorb the striking energy and its absorption value is the biggest among all kinds of plastic materials ,so it has good noise damping

6. Water absorption

The water absorption of UHMW-PE is very low and generally would be 0.01%, which is 1% of PA66, It is not necessary to make it dry before shaping. The dimension of the finished products would not change under the moist environment


7. Low temperature resistance

It has excellent low temperature resistance and is still has good ductibility under the liquid helium temperature (-269), which means it can be used as components under lower temperature in the nuclear industry .It can also keep good impact strength in the liquid nitrogen (-196) which is unique compared with any other kind of plastics


8. Non-sticky

The surface adsorption force is very weak, it is an ideal material for wear-resistant lining.There would be not any other materials absorbed to the surface of the products UPE PARTS.jpg

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