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Storage Conditions Of Rubber Seals
2020-03-23 14:52:08

Rubber Seals are affected by various external environmental factors, which requires us to pay attention to the surrounding environmental conditions during storage.

Rubber seals

1. Temperature: 5-25 ℃ is the ideal storage temperature. Avoid contact with heat sources and sunlight. The seal taken out from the low temperature storage state shall be placed in the environment of 20 ℃ before use.

2. Humidity: the relative humidity of the warehouse shall be less than 70%, to avoid excessive humidity or drying and condensation.

3. Illumination: avoid sunlight and strong artificial light source containing ultraviolet. UV resistant bags provide good protection. It is recommended that the windows of the warehouse be painted with red or orange paint or film.

4. Oxygen and ozone: rubber materials should be protected from exposure to circulating air. This can be achieved by packaging, wrapping, storage in airtight containers or other suitable methods. Ozone is harmful to most elastomers. The following equipment shall be avoided in the warehouse: mercury vapor lamp, high-voltage electrical equipment, electric motor and other equipment.

Under the influence of pressure load and operating temperature, the creep resistance of rubber seal should be better. Otherwise, the loss of bolt torque will reduce the external stress of rubber seal, and then the hard gas system leaks. The rubber seal selected for chemical corrosion resistance of rubber seal shall not be corroded by chemical medium and shall not pollute the medium. Even when the system is safe and stable, there must be slight displacement between the two connected flanges due to the influence of temperature and pressure. The elastic function of the rubber seal should be able to compensate for this displacement to ensure the tightness of the system.

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