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Why Is rubber Sealing Ring Popular?
2020-03-23 14:46:33

The main reason why Rubber Seal Ring is popular is that its existence solves many problems in life and helps enterprises to solve some problems in production. Therefore, the function of seal ring is very powerful. What are the advantages of rubber sealing ring?

1. Good sealing performance: the big advantage of sealing ring is that its sealing performance is very unique, no other material can replace the work of sealing ring. Because the sealing ring can continuously improve its sealing performance with the increase of pressure. Although there are other materials that can achieve the sealing function, there is no sealing ring that can automatically improve the sealing ring performance with the increase of pressure.

2. Small friction: the reason why seal rings can be used as sealing elements between machines by many enterprises is that there is a small friction between the device of seal rings and these machine parts, so as to ensure the operation of the machine.

3. Not easy to be corroded: the special material of the sealing ring determines that it can resist corrosion and is not easy to aging. In addition, the use of sealing ring can also increase the working life of the machine, and the wear resistance is also very good. Once the sealing ring is worn, it can realize a function of automatic compensation.

4. Simple structure: the seal ring is a simple shape. The whole structure is very simple and easy to use, so that the service life of the seal ring can be longer.

rubber seal ring

Typical application of rubber sealing ring:

1. It is applied to plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, wooden doors and windows and other building decoration doors and windows. Its main functions are dust-proof, insect proof, waterproof, sound insulation, sealing, etc;

2. It is applied to door and window frames, side windows, front and rear windscreens, engine covers and trunk covers, playing the role of water-proof, insect proof, water-proof, sound insulation, temperature insulation, shock absorption and decoration;

3. It is applied to the sealing of electric cabinet, which has the characteristics of good sealing, waterproof, fireproof, insect proof, light proof, anti-collision and long service life.

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